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Easy and accessible IT

DBIS is positioned as an IT partner for SMEs, freelancers, traders, schools and institutions, professionals and individuals.
Whether you want to introduce IT in your business for the first time or because you are not satisfied with your current system, we
will study with you the best solutions for your business, your management and your budget.
The computer tool has become essential today, especially for businesses. If well thought and adapted, that good training is
given, it will save you considerable time!

VoIP solutions

Fixed flat rate in Belgium and gsm + 40 countries fixed fixed. Enterprise telephony services. The telephony / My Voice offering,
gives you access to a range of services and advanced features.

Managing calls, video calls or voice mail are available on all offers. To go further, the Company offers VOIP allow you to develop
standard features in the cloud, telephone conference or IVR.

For maximum availability, these offers allow you to bear from 2 to 10 simultaneous calls per line, and transfer your calls to other
Virtual téléphony / IPBX

Your virtual IP PBX is hosted in the cloud. The only equipment to be installed in your organization are the telephones. Mobility and lot of functionality.
Mail and domain

Build a professional image, have a website and an e-mail with your own domain name. Configuration Goggle Apps and Microsoft Office 365.  Shared ans collaboratives ressources.
Systems and Networks

Administration or complete installation of your IT infrastructure. Setting up new services / applications, open source or not. Facility management servers, virtualization, ...